Buyer • Hawaii
‟Thanks to both of you for all your hard work. I just hope I get as good a real estate agency on the mainland.”


Buyer • Hawaii
‟I am so thankful you helped us buy two properties – professionally, calmly & quickly. Your advise was perfect.”


Buyer • Hawaii
‟Thanks again for all your help with the sale - it was a roller coaster ride both when purchasing and selling that place! But thanks to you it was successful!”


Buyer • Hawaii
‟Thank you so much for all your time and help. I will refer my friends to you when they decide to buy here.”


Buyer • Hawaii
‟Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything you did for us and for keeping us informed every step of the way.”

Chris and Dawn

Buyer • Hawaii
‟A day never goes by that we don't stop to give thanks to you and Marybeth. Little things like sitting in our front porch and waving at people walking/driving by or hanging our blankets on the line in our back yard. Nothing is taken for granted anymore. Thank you so much.”


Buyer • Hawaii
‟What I most valued was his unvarnished opinion which was motivated not by a quick sale or commission, but by finding a property that was right for my family which would also be an excellent investment going forward.”

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